Is your nameplate or nametag specification for Phenolic, Lamicoid, Melamine, Bakelite, or Norplex Micarta?

They are all the same material – An abrasive resistant, heat resistant, & chemical resistant plastic that is electrically insulative. At C&M Products, we have been providing phenolic nameplates for over 40 years to Fortune 500 companies, Manufacturers, and Custom Fabrication Shops.

various phenolic nameplates illustrated

Industrial Nameplates

We are experienced with custom applications for our phenolic nameplates!

  • Electrical Equipment Manufacturers
  • Laundry Equipment Manufacturers
  • Pharmaceutical Equipment Manufacturers
  • Pharmaceutical Processing Facilities
  • Chemical Equipment Manufacturers
  • Chemical Processing Facilities
  • Plumbing Contractors
  • Heating and A/C Contractors
  • Bridge and Public Works Contractors
  • Boiler and Fermentation Equipment Manufacturers
  • And others …

Not all nameplate makers are equipped to fabricate and mark this special material, but our family owned and operated business has been doing it for over 40 years. We are still supplying phenolic nameplates to the very first customer we had, back in 1965.

Also: Acrylic plastic legend plates(same as above phenolic nameplates, except made from acrylic plastic instead of phenolic), acrylic plastic personnel nameplates for desk, door or wall, and pin-on employee nametags. Made to order in any size, any wording and choice of colors.